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Case Results

Case Results

Sexual Abuse


Sexual Abuse by Youth Choir Director


Girls Molested by Pastor at Church Camp


Grandchildren Molested by Surrogate Grandfather


Disabled Man Abused by Care Provider


Teenage Boy Sexually Assaulted by Camp Counselor


Adolescent Boy Assaulted by Another Resident


Sexual Abuse by Employee’s Child/Helper at Day Care


Young Girl Sexually Abused by Apartment Complex Manager


Young Boy Sexually Abused by Church Pastor


Patient Sexually Assaulted by Nurse


Middle School Student Molested by Teacher

Wrongful Death


Improper Supervision Causes Death – Harrisonville, MO


Dump Truck Without Backup Alarm Kills – Kansas City, MO


Trucking Accident in Construction Zone – Kansas City, MO


Bar Shooting Resulting in Death of 21 year-old – Kansas City, KS


Negligent Driver Strikes and Kills Individual in Wheelchair – Green County, MO


Death from Improperly Secured Trailer Tire – Clay County, MO


Shooting at Nightclub


Death from Massive Blood Loss

Hunting Accidents


Remington Model 710 Fires Without Trigger Pulled – Dallas, Texas


Chinese Rifle Fires Upon Being Jarred Killing Boy


Numerous Deaths and Injuries from Remington Rifles Firing Without Trigger Pull

Recreational Accidents


ATV Collision – Shelbina, MO


Citation Jet Crash


Improper Pool Markings Lead to Quadriplegia – Joplin, MO


Beech Baron Airplane Crash


Ski Fails to Release in Fall Causing Brain Damage – Kansas City, MO

Car Accidents


Angry Driver Injures Passenger


Defective Brakes Unable to Stop –  Olathe, KS


Trucker’s Contractor Protection Plan – Kansas City, MO


Failure to Yield Right of Way


Rental Car Company Driver’s Negligence – Kansas City, MO

Personal Injury


Skid Loader Caused Brain Injury – St. Louis, MO


Press Without Palm Controls Amputates Fingers – Kansas City, KS


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Causes Coma and Death


Truck Driver Struck by Forklift in High Traffic Area


Trip Over Obstacle Results in Back Injury


Improper Restraint Kills Alleged Shoplifter – Kansas City, MO


Child Mauled by Dog – Kansas City, MO


Hip Fractured When Trailer Support Fails – Kansas City, MO


Delayed Surgery Resulting in Loss of Leg – Springfield, MO


Fractured Ankle Due to Unsafe Parking Lot


Bad Weld Causes Broken Leg


Disabled Woman Falls in Non-Compliant ADA Parking Space


Inadequate Security at Bar Results in Shooting


Disabled Man Falls Off Non-Compliant ADA Wheelchair Ramp


Eye Injury from Dangerous Display Rack – Osage Beach, MO


Fall on Defective Premises – Kansas City, MO


Doctor Drills Into Spinal Column Resulting in Paralysis – Columbia, MO


Garnishment Against Insurance Company – St. Louis, MO

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